Have you ever had the thought, ‘What a POS?’ Maybe it’s something a politician did on the news. Maybe you clicked on a news highlight or post online where someone chose to benefit themselves at the expense of others. I find myself having this thought on a daily basis. People get screwed over all the time by selfish people who could care less about the fallout resulting in their actions. 

This is a place where we can shed light on all the POS’s out there. These people deserve to be recognized for their selfish actions. Feel free to submit your own suggestions for who you think deserves to be crown the Weekly POS. You need to provide a link of some sort that outlines the basis of why this person deserves the crown. You can’t just nominate your boss because he pissed you off today. We need to see those who have the biggest impact on humanity as a whole. 

Feel free to comment as desired on posted suggestions. Everyone gets offended by everything these days. Just no hate speech. Recognizing someone as being a POS is one thing, let’s not take it to a level of hate that belittles a group due to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc.